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Listing Incentives

Listing incentives and obstacles that have been overcome

In line with Vision 2030 of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Financial Sector Development Program, one of the pillars is the development of an advanced capital market. Through a series of initiatives, the FSDP aims to boost and encourage private sector companies to list on Saudi Exchange in cooperation with the Capital Market Authority and the relevant governmental entities.
Special incentives have been launched for listed companies on the Saudi Exchange, and overcoming several obstacles facing companies in some sectors, which prevents, directly or indirectly, the listing of these companies in the Saudi stock market, under "Incentivize and encourage private companies to offer and list their shares on the stock market initiative". One of the Financial Sector Development Program (FSDP) initiatives.
These incentives are part of a series of several incentives will be announced in the future by various government authorities and ministries. The role of the Saudi Exchange is to provide the necessary support through continuous awareness of these incentives and the appropriate means in accessing them. In the table below is a full list of governmental entities with their listing incentives that have been launched so far for listed companies:

Provider Incentive
Saudi Industrial Development Fund Increased loan limits granted to listed companies.

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Ministry of Investment Facilitated approval process for listed companies to register foreign partners (joint ventures)

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Saudi Food & Drug Authority Fast Track services at the Authority’s Business Support Center and advisory services including training courses on the electronic systems of the Authority.

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Ministry of Health
  • Priority on training programs for listed companies.
  • Priority for reporting and statistical data.
  • Priority for advertisement in the ministry events.

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Agricultural Development Fund

Increased funding percentage, and increased credit services limits for each customer.

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Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority
  • Providing a relationship manager for listed companies to help settle all transactions with the Authority and follow up on all tasks related to zakat or income taxes.
  • Providing a fast-track service to deal with the requests of companies listed in the capital market.

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Providing the listed companies the priority of applying to the Authorized Economic Operator Program.

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Ministry of Finance 

Preference in business and government procurement (under competition and government procurement rule) for listed companies in the Capital Market.

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Projects Priority Office (PPO)
A fast track to overcome the government challenges that might face the listed companies.

The Projects Priority Office which is one of The Private Sector Stimulation Office, dedicates a fast track to overcome the government challenges that might face the listed companies on the Capital Market by finding quick and exceptional solutions by communicating with an approved liaison officer in each governmental entity.


Office contact information:
E: mcisupport@sagia.gov.sa 
T: 0112035138
Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development

Inclusion of all listed companies on SAFWAH program

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Projects Support Fund

Raising the funding limits for listed companies projects in the targeted sectors (health, education and real estate development "Mega Projects")
Long-term loan at preferential interest rate provided to listed companies can reach up to 500 million SAR for the project, and if the listed company has more than one project the total maximum loan can reach 1 billion SAR (maximum for borrower)

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Saudi Authority for Industrial Cities and Technology Zones – Modon

• Appointing an account manager to expedite requests and ease of doing business.
• Priority in obtaining industrial land and ready-built factories (new/expansion)
• The ability of building a factory based on the company's request (Built to Suit Model)

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To apply for the incentive please Contact the below email:

Wafi (Off-plan Sales or Rent Program)

Passing the approved real estate developer program. Which qualifies them to obtain:

1- Off-plan sales license
2- VAT refund for real estate supplies to qualified real estate companies
Begin your application click Here

For inquiries:
E: R.E.D.Q@hosuing.gov.sa
T: 0114517246
M: +966 562257990

In cooperation with the competent government agencies, several obstacles faced by companies in some sectors which prevents directly or indirectly from listing these companies in the Saudi Exchange have been overcome. In the table below the obstacles that have been overcome:  


Obstacle Description of the obstacle that has been overcome
Limited ownership in pharmacies

The Ministry of Health has removed the restriction from its regulation that prevents pharmacies from expanding, by allowing unlimited ownership of pharmacies and partnership in an unlimited number in accordance with the conditions and provisions stipulated in the Executive Regulations of Pharmaceutical Products and Facilities Law.

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Beneficiary sectors: Pharmaceutical companies

Transforming a professional corporation into another form

According to Article (17) in the Executive regulation of New Professional Corporations Law: now it is allowed for a professional company to transform into a joint stock company or any other company form mentioned in the third article of the New Professional Corporations Law according to the corporation’s law provisions except for their registration in the commercial register, and that after fulfilling the conditions and provisions stipulated in the regulations and law. 

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Beneficiary Sectors: Professional corporations

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