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Frequently Asked Questions

What is TASI Islamic Index?

TASI Islamic Index is a Shariah compliant index that tracks the performance of Shariah compliant companies listed on the Saudi Exchange main equity market.

Does TASI Islamic Index replace Tadawul All Share Index (TASI) or any other indices?

No, TASI Islamic Index is not a replacement of TASI or any other Indices. The index complements other indices.

What is the difference between TASI Islamic Index and Tadawul All Share Index (TASI)?

TASI Islamic Index is constructed from Tadawul All Share Index “TASI” and screened for eligibility based on a unified Sharia Principles approved by Sharia Advisory Committee.

What are the uses for TASI Islamic Index?

The index can be used as a tool for investors and wider market participants to guide and inform Shariah-compliant investments decisions. It also allows asset managers to benchmark the performance of their Shariah compliant investment portfolios. Moreover, it can serve as a base for financial products such as derivatives and ETFs.

How will the Index be governed?

Index constituents will be screened by an independent screening provider under the supervision of a Sharia Advisory Committee that includes representatives from leading financial institutions.

What companies are eligible for index inclusion?

The eligible companies will be all the companies that are constituents of the Tadawul All Share Index (TASI).

Who do I contact to subscribe to Index Data?

Market Information and Indices Team MD@tadawul.com.sa