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Frequently Asked Questions

How to confirm the registration in Invest Wisely workshops?

Once the registering process is completed, the attendance will be confirmed.

Is there a fee for the workshop registration?

All workshops and seminars within Invest Wisely program are free.

Where can I find the available workshops?

To find the available workshops please visit Engage Page

Is real money involved in The Simulator's trading?

The money used in The Simulator are virtual money, which allows users to have a real life experience of trading on the stock market.

Are the stock market prices real?

Yes, it displays actual market data (subject to 5 minutes delay)

How can I register to invest wisely?

You can easily register through Practice page by entering your name, email, and mobile number.

Can I access the simulator on mobile phone?

Yes, you can download Trading Simulator mobile application available on IOS, Android

How to register in Invest Wisely competition?

You can register through Compete page

How can I access recorded workshops?

Engage page> previous workshops

Or you can access directly through Tadawul YouTube Page

Is there a specific age to enter the trading competition?

Yes, 18 years and above.