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Best ESG Award

Listed companies are invited to submit entries based on all their ESG/sustainability-related activities and initiatives. This should include the annual report and any other supporting reporting, a sustainability report, for example. It is important for companies to highlight their response to a COVID-19 operating environment in which they have to adapt and undergo some response to ESG factors, be it people-related, employees and customers, for example, as well as responses to other important stakeholders. This includes the investment community who are increasingly factoring broader extra-financial metrics into their assessment of companies. The awards evaluation methodology will be based on a scorecard that addresses all relevant and material ESG factors and how these are integrated into the IR story, including use of supporting frameworks and standards, to be judged over the period covering January 1, 2021 through December 31, 2021.

Best ESG Award Application

Listed Companies are invited to submit an application to be considered for the Best ESG Award.