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The Saudi Exchange is keen to provide new products and services that meet the needs of investors in addition to providing its users with the necessary resources and tools to become more capable and skillful investors.

In light of this, Saudi Exchange is pleased to present the (Invest Wisely) section, which is a platform designed to cater for the needs of those interested in investment, regardless of how experienced they are. Users are taken through a comprehensive and unique learning journey allowing them to learn, engage and practice.

In Learn section, users are introduced to the basics of investments and the financial instruments available in the Saudi Capital Market. Users also get to learn about the most common investment mistakes and how to avoid such mistakes. Moreover, users will go through a step-by-step guide to read and understand financial statements for listed companies, which will help them estimate the company’s potential growth, its market value, and to pinpoint the company’s strengths and weaknesses.

In Engage section, users can engage with each other and exchange financial advice through registering and attending seminars and workshops organized by the Saudi Exchange.

In Practice section, Saudi Exchange gives users the opportunity to test their knowledge and apply what they have learned through Tadawul’s Trading Simulator, which is a virtual trading platform that mimics the Saudi Stock Market, allowing users to have a real life experience of trading on the stock market.

After trying the trading simulator, users will be given the chance to Compete with each other by entering an investment competition that measures the level of knowledge they have gained from previous sections (learn and engage). 

At Invest Wisely, we believe that the best investment is to invest in your own abilities. Therefore, we urge you to browse our Invest Wesley platform to enrich your investment knowledge.