Yamama Cement Co. Announces the Signing of a Bank Financing Agreement

Element ListExplanation
Date of obtaining the funding 2022-03-31 Corresponding to 1443-08-28
Financing entity Saudi National Bank
Financing amount. The total financing amount is 1,663 million riyals (Islamic Sharia compliant) consisting of:

1- Long-term financing of (800 million Riyals).

2- Refinancing part of the existing long-term loans amounting to (563 million Riyals).

3- Short-term financing of (300 million Riyals).

Financing duration. 1- Long-term financing for a period of eight years (including three years of grace period).

2- Long-term financing for a period of four years to repay part of existing loans.

3- Short-term financing for a period of one year (revolving loan on demand).

Guarantees offered for the financing Promissory note.
Financing objective The purpose behind the agreement is:

• long term Loan:

- For financing transfer and install the seventh line from the old plant in the south of Riyadh to the new plant’s location in Northern Halal in Al-Kharj governorate of the Riyadh region, and the production capacity of the line is 10 thousand tons/day clinker. Thus, by the end of 2024, the production capacity at the new site will reach 30 thousand tons/clinker per day.

- repaying part of existing loan obligation.

- improving financial efficiency.

• short-term Loan:

- finance working capital.

Related Parties None.

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