Buruj Cooperative Insurance Co. announces the Appointment of Board Chairman, The Vice Charmin

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Announcement Detail Reference to the General Assembly Meeting of Buruj Cooperative Insurance Company convened on Monday, 04/08/1443H corresponding to 07/03/2022G, that included slecting new Board of Directors for new term of three years starts on 09/03/2022G and ends on 08/03/2025G.

As resolved during Board of Directors meeting held on 13/08/1443H corresponding to 16/03/2022G, to select the Chairman of the Board and Vice Chairman of the Board for the new term provided that prior SAMA Non-Objection to be acquired.

As SAMA Non-Objection has been obtained on 23/10/1443 H corresponding to 24/05/2022G, Buruj Cooperative Insurance Company announces that the slected Board of Directors has approved the following:

1) Appointment of Mr. Yasser Youssef Naghi – Board Chairman

2)Appointment of Mr. Ahmed Mohammed Hamed Al-Marzouqi – Vice Chairman

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