Arabian Pipes Company announces to invite its shareholders to attend the 33rd Ordinary General Assembly Meeting (First meeting) In attendance and by means of modern technology

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1444/11/03     23/05/2023 15:46:17

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Introduction The Board of Directors of the Arabian Pipes Company is pleased to invite its esteemed shareholders to participate and vote in the thirty-third Ordinary General Assembly meeting (the first meeting) In attendance and by means of modern technology
City and Location of the General Assembly's Meeting Holiday Inn Riyadh - Izdihar - through modern technology (remotely).
URL for the Meeting Location فندق هوليداي إن الرياض الازدهار وعن طريق وسائل التقنية الحديثة

Date of the General Assembly's Meeting 2023-06-13 Corresponding to 1444-11-24
Time of the General Assembly's Meeting 20:00
Attendance Eligibility For each shareholder registered in the company's shareholder register at the Depository Center at the end of the trading session preceding the meeting of the General Assembly and in accordance with the rules and regulations
Quorum for Convening the General Assembly's Meeting The meeting of the Ordinary General Assembly shall be valid if attended by shareholders representing at least a quarter of the capital, and if the necessary quorum for holding this meeting is not available, the second meeting will be held one hour after the end of the period specified for the first meeting, and the second meeting shall be valid regardless of the number of shares represented in it.
General Assembly Meeting Agenda 1 Review and discuss the financial statements for the fiscal year ending on

December 31, 2022.

2. Review & discuss the Board of Directors' report for the fiscal year ending on December 31, 2022.

3. Voting on the auditor report on the Company’s accounts for the fiscal year ending on December 31, 2022. discuss it.

4 . To vote on appointing the company’s auditor from among the candidates based on the recommendation of the Audit Committee, in order to examine, review, and audit the company’s financial statements for the second and third quarters and the annual financial statements for the fiscal year 2023 AD and the first quarter of the year 2024 AD and determine his fees

Proxy Form
The shareholder right in discussing the assembly agenda topics, asking questions, and exercising the voting right. (Mentioning the E-Voting details, if any) Honorable shareholders can vote (remotely) on the items of the Ordinary General Assembly through the electronic voting service through the Tadawulaty website

Note that registration in the service and electronic voting will start on Friday 11-20-1444 AH corresponding to 06-09-2023 AD from 1 am until the end of the assembly time.

Eligibility for Attendance Registration and Voting The right to register attendance for the meeting of the General Assembly ends at the time of the meeting of the Assembly, and the right to vote on the items of the Assembly for those present ends when the counting committee finishes sorting the votes and the shareholder has to discuss the topics on the agenda of the assembly and ask questions.
Method of Communication In the event of any inquiries, we hope to contact the Investor Relations Department through:

Tel: 0112650123 Ext: 324


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