Addendum Announcement from Thob Al Aseel Co. in regards to concerning to reload some attachments of the Shareholders' General Assembly's Call

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Introduction With reference to Thob Alaseel Company's publication in Tadawul website dated in 05/06/2022, as related to the Company publication to call its shareholders for the meeting of the ordinary General assembly (the first meeting)
Date of Posting the Previous Announcement of Development on Tadawul's Website 2022-06-05 Corresponding to 1443-11-06
URL of the Previous Announcement Click Here
Change on the Development Re-uploading the policy of competition standards for members of the Board of Directors for the company's business or one of its branches of activity in Arabic and English

Re-uploading the Audit Committee's Work Regulation (in English)

Re-uploading the Nomination and Remuneration Committee's Work Regulation (in English)

Re-uploading the remuneration policies for the members of the Board of Directors, the committees emanating from the Board and the Executive Management (in English)

Re-uploading the Board Membership Standards and Procedures Policy (in English)

Financial Impact on the change there is no
Additional Information there is no
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