Saudi Government SAR Sukuk 2018-10-7

KSA Sukuk 2018-10-7
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  • Government Sukuk/Bonds Index

Stats Overview

  • Prev. Close 98.180
  • Open 98.280
  • High 98.280
  • Low 98.280
  • Nominal Value
    Traded (Sar)
  • Value Traded (Sar) 98,280.000
  • No. Of Trades 1
  • Avg. Trade Size 100,000

Last Trade

  • Date/Time 03-12-2023
  • Yield 4.8429
  • Price 98.280
  • Nominal Value Traded (Sar) 100,000

Best Bid

  • Yield 4.8543
  • Price 98.260
  • Volume 500,000

Best Offer

  • Yield 4.8429
  • Price -
  • Volume -

Coupon Payments

Coupon Period

From To Number Of Days To Coupon Coupon Rate Payment Per Sukuk/Bond (SAR)
2023-10-24 2024-04-24 180 3.88000 19.4000
  • Average Trade Size = Cumulative / # Of Trades
  • Mo: Market Order





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  • Issuance Profile

Issuance Profile

Issuance Information
Issuer Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Listing Date 2018-10-28
Lead Manager N/A
Instrument Credit Rating N/A
Debt Instrument Status Budget Financing
Debt Instrument Type and Structure Fixed Sukuk Istithmar
Accumulative Issuance Amount (SAR) 1,121,513,000
Issue Date 2018-10-24
Maturity and Early Redemption Date 2025-10-24
Coupon Rate % 3.88
Coupon Distribution Frequency Semi-annually
Trading Method Electronic
Collateral N/A
Minimum Subscription Amount Per Investor 1,000
Par Value 1,000
Identification Code SA14LFK2IC31
Additional Information
Registrar Securities Depository Center Company (Edaa)
Payment Administrator Al Rajhi Capital
Debt Instrument Agent Al Rajhi Capital

Issuer Overview

The Ministry of Finances main responsibilities are the proposing the public fiscal policy and financial plans that support stability, economic growth and sustainability of government resources, the efficient use and follow up of their implementation, and the coordination and integration with the monetary and structural policies within framework of development plans and its strategic objectives within the range of the general policy of the state The Ministry also oversees the continuous development of financial, tax and customs systems of the Kingdom. In addition to carrying out the tasks of the State Treasury through Keeping and controlling the current accounts of the government with the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency. In addition, the Ministry is also tasked with the financial control of the expenditure, the development of its systems and tools which contribute to the rationalization of government spending, enhance accountability and the preservation of public money. And supervision of the accounts and also the annual expenses of the government and the preparation of the balance sheet of the state..

Issuer History

The General Directorate of Finance was established on 14/10/1927. A Royal Order No. 381 was issued on 14/5/1932 changing the name of the General Directorate of Finance to the Ministry of Finance, thus becoming the second ministry to be established in the Kingdom after the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In 1936, as the activities of the Ministry of Finance expanded in scope, a number of general directorates were established within the ministry, including the Petroleum and Minerals Directorate, the Public Works Directorate, and the Customs Directorate, in addition to special bureaus concerned with corporations, development projects, cash, Zakah, revenue, and Hajj Affairs. The Personnel and Retirement Bureau was established in 1938 . followed by the Agriculture Directorate in 1948, and on 16/4/1955. In order to meet the requirements of economic expansion, a Ministerial Order (No. 518) was issued on 9/8/1951 to establish a bureau to monitor economic affairs. Royal Decree No. 1697 was issued on 27/6/1953 establishing the Ministry of Economy to replace the Bureau for Economic Affairs. Royal Decree No. 31 was issued on 4/9/1954 merging the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Finance into a single ministry called the Ministry of Finance and National Economy. Royal Order No. 2/A was issued on 1/5/2003 transferring responsibility for economic activity from the above-mentioned ministry to the Ministry of Planning, and thus changing the name of the Ministry of Finance and National Economy to the Ministry of Finance, and the Ministry of Planning to the Ministry of Economy and Planning..

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