The Saudi Industrial Exports Company (Sadirat) Announces the Rump offering Results and the Allocation of the Rights Issue Shares.

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Introduction The Saudi Industrial Export Company announces the results of the rump offering and the final allocation of Rights Issue shares. The coverage ratio for the remaining offering period was 622.73% as the number of shares covered by investment institutions during the remaining offering period reached 1,682,924 Shares at 100.00%.
Number of Sold Shares 1682924
Total Proceeds of Selling Unsubscribed Shares Saudi Riyals 96,354,228.80
Average Price of Sold Shares SAR\Share 57.25
Net Compensation for Right Issues and Fraction Shares Owners Saudi Riyals79,524,988.80
Date of Depositing the Shares into Shareholders Accounts 2022-06-16 Corresponding to 1443-11-17
Additional Information - The company would like to clarify that the reason for the change in the number of unsubscribed shares (1,841,605 shares), which was disclosed in the company’s announcement on the Saudi Tadawul Group website “Tadawul” on 06-11-1443 H corresponding to 05-06-2022 AD, is the number of sold shares amounting to (1,682,924 shares) due to the adjustment of the number of shares after matching with the receiving parties, based on the statement of the company's financial advisor (Al-Khair Capital).

- In case of any inquiries, we hope to contact the Investor Relations during daily working hours through one of the following means:

Tel: +966 114058080

Mob: +966 554551092


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Company Profile


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