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Market Services

Saudi Exchange offers an array of services that benefit all types of investors. Today, the Saudi Exchange has one of the most sophisticated trading platforms that creates a seamless trading experience through full automation and processing.

  • Equities

    The Saudi Exchange provides investors with a diverse range of equities across a wide range of industry groups. With over 200 listed equities on the Saudi Exchange, market participants benefit from a wide range of investment opportunities and personalized trading services.

  • Sukuk & Bonds

    Saudi Exchange provides Over The Counter (OTC) trading for privately placed Sukuk and bonds and supports bonds with fixed, variable and zero-coupon bonds.

  • Derivatives

    Market participants on the Saudi Exchange can benefit from clearing services.

  • Funds

    ُExplore more information related to the Exchange-traded funds that are available on the Saudi Exchange.

  • Market Information Services

    The Saudi Exchange collaborates with clients to provide reliable market information, ensuring a productive flow of data between issuers, investors, and partners.