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Saudi Exchange Launches Tadawul Size Indices and IPO Index

The Saudi Exchange announces the launch of new Tadawul Size Indices and IPO Index as of today, 17th of September 2023. 
These indices, including the Tadawul Large Cap, Tadawul Medium Cap, Tadawul Small Cap and Tadawul IPO Index, mark a milestone in the development of the Saudi capital market.
The Size Indices reflect the market's composition, with large companies accounting for 70% of the Free float market cap, medium-sized companies for 20%, and small companies for the remaining 10%. The Tadawul Size Indices provides investors with benchmarks to broaden their investment strategies and to capitalize on specific market opportunities.
The Tadawul IPO Index focuses on companies listed on the Main Market within the past five years. It provides investors with a benchmark to evaluate the performance of their IPOs and provides investors with a unique opportunity to invest in new and rapidly growing companies.

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