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Investor Relations Toolkit

The Saudi Exchange is continuously working to enhance the Investor Relations (IR) landscape in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. As part of the effort, Saudi Exchange held a series of workshops for listed companies to highlight key principles and raise awareness on this important topic.

The role of Investor Relations combines finance, communication, and marketing to effectively control the flow of information between a public company, its investors, and its stakeholders. Investors play a vital role in the success and growth of a company. Because of that fact, it is of the utmost importance for companies to maintain strong, transparent relationships with investors.

Being the largest market in the GCC, it is crucial that market stakeholders and more specifically, listed companies, have the right tools that guide them and educate them about the importance of IR.

The aim of the IR Toolkit is to assist those companies through examining the key principles of underlying current international practices, and an explanation of the benefits for doing so. It is envisaged that the primary purpose of this resource should be educational, whereby users can use it as a reference source of information on global IR best practices.

We hope and trust that users will find this guide to be a valuable resource on the function of investor relations.

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Toolkit Details

Respectively, as an initiative from the Saudi Exchange to further develop the IR environment, we have prepared the IR Toolkit.