31/03/2024 16:28:13

Saudi Exchange Marks a Milestone with its 400th Listed Security

• The Saudi Exchange has hit a milestone of 400 listed securities

• In 2023, IPOs on the Saudi Exchange accounted for over 70% of GCC IPOs, with a robust pipeline supporting the Exchange’s accelerated growth to become one of the top 10 largest exchanges globally according to the World Federation of Exchanges

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – [31 March 2024]: The Saudi Exchange has welcomed its 400th listing across all securities. This achievement highlights the Exchange’s pivotal role in the Kingdom’s economy, underpinned by robust international investor interest and a diverse range of securities within a highly dynamic market landscape.

Since its establishment 16 years ago, the Saudi Exchange has quickly grown to become one of the top ten largest in the world, the third largest amongst emerging market peers, and the largest exchange in the MENA region. The Saudi Exchange also consistently ranks in the top ten exchanges globally for IPO proceeds and accounted for over 70% of GCC IPOs in 2023. With a substantial SAR 11.9 billion ($3.2 billion) raised through IPOs on the Main Market in 2023, the Saudi Exchange has firmly established itself as a significant contributor to the global IPO landscape, a key driver of its continued growth in scope and scale. In 2023, furthermore, the Tadawul All Share Index grew by 14.2%, outpacing the 9.8% growth of the benchmark MSCI Emerging Market Index.

With a commitment to offering a broad spectrum of financial instruments, the Saudi Exchange has successfully cultivated a diverse portfolio. As of March 27th 2024, the Saudi Exchange has 216 securities listed on the Main Market, 83 on the Nomu – Parallel Market, 71 Sukuk & Bonds, 19 REITs, 9 ETFs and 2 CEFs.

Speaking on the occasion, Nasser Al Ajaji, Chief of Listing, said, “The 400th listed security on the Saudi Exchange marks a significant milestone and is a clear testament to the Kingdom's dynamic capital market and its growing appeal to investors globally. In only 16 years, the Saudi Exchange has grown rapidly to rank among the top ten stock exchanges in the world. These achievements are more than just a number; they are symbolic of the economic diversity and growth spurred by Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030, the Financial Sector Development Program, and the support of the CMA to accelerate the IPO pipeline. All of this reflects the potential we are poised to realize."

Looking ahead, the Saudi Exchange is dedicated to enhancing the Kingdom’s capital market infrastructure, diversifying product and service offerings, and continuing to provide opportunities that support the economic ambitions of Saudi Arabia and its participants.