07/01/2024 10:52:31

Saudi Exchange Launches TASI50 Index

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – 7 January 2024: The Saudi Exchange has announced the launch of the TASI50 Index, which tracks the top 50 companies listed on the Saudi Exchange by total market capitalization. The index is calculated in real time and tracks the stocks of the largest companies in the market.

The index constitutes of the top 50 companies listed on the Saudi Exchange ranked by total market cap, with a minimum annual traded value ratio (ATVR) of 5%, ensuring that it tracks the largest companies in the market. The index is an important tool for both individual and institutional investors, providing an overview of market performance in real time, and can be utilized for the development of financial products and enhancing risk management strategies.

Commenting on the launch, Mohammed Al Rumaih, CEO of the Saudi Exchange, said, “The introduction of the TASI50 Index is a significant achievement for the Saudi capital market, providing investors with a comprehensive overview of the performance of the top 50 companies listed on the Saudi Exchange. This index offers a benchmark for investment products, allowing investors to track and benchmark performance based on specific criteria. With this index, both local and foreign investors can access a diverse range of investment opportunities in our dynamic and growing capital market, contributing to the continued development and growth of the Saudi economy.”

The launch of the TASI50 Index follows the launch of the Saudi Exchange's Size Indices and IPO Index in September 2023. The Size Indices provide investors with benchmarks to broaden their investment strategies and capitalize on specific market opportunities. The Tadawul IPO Index tracks the performance of companies listed on the Main Market within the past five years, providing investors with a benchmark to evaluate the performance of Saudi IPOs and provide a unique opportunity to invest in new and rapidly growing companies.

The launch of the TASI50 index, the Size Indices and IPO Index are significant milestones towards fulfilling the objectives outlined in the Financial Sector Development Program of Saudi Vision 2030.

For more information about the Saudi Exchange’s TASI50 Index, please visit the Saudi Exchange Website.