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Trading Services

Saudi Exchange offers an array of services that benefit all types of investors. Today, the Saudi Exchange has one of the most sophisticated trading platforms that creates a seamless trading experience through full automation and processing. All trading activities are matched, confirmed and executed electronically following a T+2 settlement cycle. The trading engine has been designed to serve multiple types of orders that should satisfy investors’ needs. Needless to say, Saudi Exchange offers negotiated deals for special deals and transactions. 

Post Trade Services

Securities Depository Center Company (“Edaa”) offers plenty of post trade services that benefit issuers, investors and members including depository services, registry services for both listed and unlisted companies, securities pledging, transfer of securities ownership, securities ownership restriction and release, clearing & settlement related services, corporate actions, consolidated reporting, asset servicing, and more.

Depositing Certificates of Shares

At the early stages of the Saudi Stock Market, shares trading used to be done through the Exchange of physical shares certificates. After the development of the market into a full-fledged electronic stock market, investors deposited their physical-certificate shares into electronic portfolios in the market maintained under their own names. However, a small number of certificates have not yet been deposited, so Securities Depository Centre Company allows shareholders to deposit their certificates using Depositing Certificate Form. Investors can get the form by clicking on the link, Depositing Certificate Form.

About Tadawulaty

Tadawulaty is a suite of services offered by Securities Depository Center Company (“Edaa”) in cooperation with its members. It holds a bundle of new financial services targeted at investors and issuers. Services offered aim at benefiting the investment community within the Saudi capital market, by providing value-added services to the market’s participants. The services provided aim at:

Increasing the level of confidence and transparency regarding investors’ ownerships and rights.
Empowering investors by enabling them to conveniently exercise their voting rights, inquire on their dividend entitlements, receive alerts and notifications on certain important events, etc.
Bridging the gap between listed companies and their shareholders, as well as enhancing communication and information exchange amongst them.
Providing a convenient and direct reporting mechanism from the ultimate source of information (Securities Depository Center Company (“Edaa”) ) to different market participants.
Offering an on-going process for validating and updating information maintained at Saudi Exchange.
To access Tadawulaty website, please (click here).

For more information on the services provided, please call us at +966 92000 1919. You may also contact us via email at